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Roxanna FTV Girls

Age: 20 ~ Height: 5’9″ ~ Figure: 35A-25-36

Roxanna is an extremely amazing girl!

Roxanna’s beautiful and definitely hope to see lots more of this nude ftv model! This tall sexy girl takes off panties and goes full public nudity and finds ways to squirt and orgasms. Her pointy nipples are nicer than most. We just love her face and Roxanna’s mouth needs to be kissed. Really sweet woman.

Gorgeous & leggy nude model!

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Roxanna ftv

WOW – Love a confident return 3/4 – Roxanna ftv is probably the most uninhibited and LOUDEST in public since Melanie (One More Orgasm 3) – Any more noisy girls out there? BRING ROXANNA BACK – She is so hot and daring – would love more sexy pee scenes from her and always heels but some nice see through clothes and or camel toe would be great…

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Roxanna ftv pee

Absolutely love the pubic hair and love the peeing

Roxanna totally charms us in one of the best FTV 2-part updates ever. Her lively & adorable personality sparkles thru every event she performs. She hoops, she flirts, she screams, she squirts! Would love to see her come back for a girl/girl update with another squirter. Maybe they can even compete in a unique FTV ‘Squirt-Off’.
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Over the years of being a ftv member and we are always amazed how beautiful the girls are on here and how you get them to do the stuff they do, this girl is another in that long list…

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