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Models tend to use FTV Girls as their ‘first step’ into the adult industry!



Meet The Nude Models of FTVGirls FTVGirls has been around for over two decades and is a brand synonymous with high-end erotica. FTVGirls is continually updating its site with some of the best glamcore erotic solo masturbation sessions you're going to find. FTV Models Listing 2024 [...]

FTVGirls and FTVMilfs


FTVGirls and FTVMilfs FTV is stripping down ☀️ 66% OFF! Join Price Includes Unlimited Access to both FTVMilfs members area AND FTVGirls members area! Limited-Time Offer (Offer Expires: April, 26th 2024) FTV GIRLS and FTVMilfs (66% OFF) Click Here Lola Blaire [...]

FTVGirls Upcoming Updates


FTVGIRLS VIDEOS – UPCOMING UPDATES 2024 Check out the “Sneak Peek” section in Members Area Young, fresh faced & beautiful nude models. Izzy is truly an amazing girl for FTV! COMING ON: April 26, 2024 Lola on [...]



Lola (FTVGirls) April 2024 New Nude Model 2024 Hailing from Tempe, AZ this long legged beautiful blonde Lola has a great figure and is excited to show you all on FTVGirls. COMING ON: Apr 21, 2024. Lola (FTVGirls) Hot Busty Summer [...]



Kylie New FTV Girl (april,2024) Spring Beauty So cute, love when Kylie gapes wide in clip 5 and shows inside her tasty pussy. Definitely how an FTV girl should be, great update. Kylie is from Philadelphia. You will absolutely love this model as she does all the naughty [...]

Fae (FTVGirls)


Fae FTVGirls (March 2024) It's wonderful to have beautiful Fae on FTV Girls. She was a great model with a very kind disposition. What a breath of fresh air this 80lb cutie pie is!

Allicia (FTVGirls)


Allicia FTVGirls (Members Choice) Allicia is 23 and a first timer. She has full, natural breasts and a nice roud ass!  It's a wonderful treat getting to see this beautiful horny girl in her element on FTVGirls! You might also like Eliana. Allicia on FTVGirls : Her [...]

Eliana (FTVGirls)


Eliana FTVGirls (Members Choice) Eliana is 21 and she's a lovely new model on FTVGirls. Squirt after squirt, her vagina pulsates, quivers, and expands, its like her vagina had never experienced anything like this. You might also like Allicia. Eliana also has that very pretty [...]

Tessa (FTVGirls)


Tessa FTVGirls (Nov. 2023) Spectacular Bubble Butt Tessa introduces herself and then slips her tight white dress down to reveal those cute perky boobies and a spectacular bubble butt Total photos: 165 - Total videos: 72 minutes. This episode features:Dancing Scenes,Dress and Heels,Extreme Closeups,Magic Wand,Masturbation to [...]



Cecilia FTV 2023  18 year old orgasms This episode features:Extreme Closeups,Magic Wand,Masturbation to Orgasm,Public Nudity,Toys,Upskirt in Public,Vagina Gaping Closeups... Cecilia on FTVGirls: A year after she did her first time shoot at 18, she's returning for a quick visit with her new look -- long blonde hair [...]

Ariana (FTVGirls)


Ariana FTVGirls Easy five stars all the way around! Ariana has a beautiful vulva with amazing long lips, so gorgeous, and she seems to enjoy masturbation easily. This episode features:Dancing Scenes,Fisting,Foot Fetish Scenes,FTV Monster,Large Toys,Long Labia and Stretching,Magic Wand,Masturbation to Orgasm,Public Nudity,Strong Orgasmic Contractions [...]



Nicole FTVGirls The cutie pie Nicole Nichols is from Arkansas, now relocated to California. This episode features: Dancing Scenes,Dress and Heels,Extreme Closeups,Magic Wand,Masturbation to Orgasm,Strong Orgasmic Contractions,Toys,Upskirt in Public... Nicole Ross Classy Nude Beauty by Zishy [...]

Jackie (FTVgirls)


Jackie FTVGirls (Oct. 2023) Gorgeous Full Firm Breasts (Members Choice) Jackie (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview ACCESS TO ALL HER PRIVATE VIDEOS! JOIN FTVGIRLS So gorgeous and super hot girl! This episode features:Anal Toys,Big Ten,Double Penetration,Extreme Closeups,Hard [...]

Ari (FTVgirls)


Ari FTVGirls (Oct. 2023) Great natural brunette. Ari is a lovely model on FTVGirls with a stellar-looking vagina, big D naturals, long legs and a gorgeous skin tone. This episode features: Anal Toys, Big Ten, Extreme Closeups, FTV Monster, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Masturbation to [...]

Bailee (FTVGirls)


Bailee FTVGirls (oct, 2023) Watch this beauty reveal all of her pretty privates on FTV and opening a vagina wild with a zucchini deep inside her! Bailee on FTV --COMING ON: Oct 3, 2023 - Watch Ultra HD Trailer now in Members Area! [...]

Vanna (FTVGirls)


Vanna FTVGirls (sept/oct. 2023) She experiments with double penetration and large toys... This episode features: Anal Toys, Big Ten, Extreme Closeups, FTV Monster, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Squirting, Toys, Upskirt in Public, Vagina Gaping Closeups... Vanna uses a glass toy [...]



Skyler FTVGirls (Sept. 2023)  She's back! Skyler is a cute blonde nineteen year old who has never shot any adult before and wants to start! This episode features:Dress and Heels,Extreme Closeups,Magic Wand,Masturbation to Orgasm,Milky Orgasm,Public Nudity,Shower Scenes,Toys,Upskirt in Public,Vagina Gaping Closeups... [...]

Sophia (FTVGirls)


Sophia (FTVGirls) Leggy Model So Beautiful! Such a wonderful body. Sophia just takes my breath away. Sophia (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview Original & Exclusive Movies - JOIN FTVGIRLS (33%Off) Sophia New FTV Nude Model [...]

Sage (FTVGirls)


Sage (FTVGirls) New Nude Model Shes goes kinky with butt play, her using a glass toy in her butt, and the Big Glass Ball Toy in her vagina. Sage New FTV Nude Girl Squirting Surprise (37 minutes of HD Video) - Self-Exploration (50 minutes of HD Video) - [...]

Taylor (FTVGirls)


Taylor (FTVGirls) Extreme Girl Such a beautiful woman sharing her most intimate parts, including now her anus. Extreme Fingering, all shot in one glorious erotic sitting. You might also like new FTV model Sophia Taylor (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview Original & Exclusive [...]

Briston (FTVGirls)


Briston FTV Girls (Members Choice 2023) Doing a dance & striptease to music at home, Briston then goes out for a lunch where she flashes her sexy privates at the restaurant! Don't miss Sophia, new leggy model on FTV Briston on FTV - Click image above for a preview [...]

Sahara (FTVGirls)


Sahara FTVGirls (August 2023) Sahara is in a cute one piece floral lingerie, dancing her sensual way to more music, then exposes her full breasts and pulls on her nipples and sucks on them! Sahara (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview ACCESS TO ALL HER [...]

Janessa (FTVGirls)


Janessa FTV Girls (Members Choice 2023) Janessa is a lovely model for FTV! First time striptease & Big toys experiments. Janessa on FTV - Click image above for a preview Janessa on FTV: Janessa's Place (47 minutes of HD Video) [...]

Violet (FTVGirls)


Violet FTV 2023  Spunky Busty teen This episode features:Dancing Scenes,Dress and Heels,Extreme Closeups,Hard Breast Massage,Hard Butt Massage,Masturbation to Orgasm,Public Nudity,Strong Orgasmic Contractions,Toys,Upskirt in Public,Vagina Gaping Closeups... Its a shoot with many firsts for her, and Violet definitely loves doing it! [...]

Isabel (FTVGirls)


Isabel FTVGirls (Members Choice) Sensual Flexibility Isavel on FTV - Click image above for a preview Original & Exclusive Movies - JOIN FTVGIRLS NOW Isabel new model on FTVGirls: Enjoy The Full Stretch (51 minutes of HD Video) - Sexy Black Stockings (64 [...]

Piph (FTVGirls)


Piph FTVGirls (July 2023) Piph sets up a massive dildo on the floor, rubbing her pussy against it and then lowering herself on top for huge penetration and then holding the Vibraking against her clitoris, shuddering her way to another incredibly strong climax with squirting! Piph is a very pretty nude model and lovely [...]

Venus (FTVGirls)


Venus FTVGirls (June 2023) Age: 19 Venus is a new nude model (Total first timer) on FTV! All About Anal Play With Various Large Butt Plugs - Pushing her limits analy. Shes an ideal Teen for FTVGirls! Venus on FTV (COMING ON: Jun 23, 2023) Total photos: [...]

Zoey (FTVGirls)


Zoey FTVGirls (May 2023) Age: 19 Zoey is just so fun and cute!! She has great tits and does ANAL! Need I say more? A very nice addition to FTV! Zoey (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview ACCESS TO ALL HER PRIVATE VIDEOS [...]

Myra & Mila FTVGirls


Myra & Mila FTVGirls (may 2023) Have fun with these two supercute Myra & Mila, tattoo-free natural girls who get to explore each other for the first time... Myra & Mila (low resolution video) Click image above for a preview [...]

Gabbie Carter


Gabbie Carter Backseat Lover by Zishy Gabbie Carter has the sexiest tits that we've ever seen. You might also like Gabbie on FTVGirls Don't Miss ♥ Gabbie on FTVGIRLS Gabbie on FTV - Click image above for a [...]

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