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First Time Video Girls

FTVGirls features pretty teens doing solo and g/g videos.
Using models who are a little bashful, innocent and inexperienced, who maybe have never posed nude before, is what makes this site so special!
The new addition of 4K videos is pretty amazing!  FTV Porn (FTVX) is launching soon!

New FTV Addition ♥

Melody from FTV Girls

Melody ~ Watch video


Zoe ~ Watch video

Kenna FTV


Gwen FTV

Gwen ~ Watch video

Aria FTV

Aria ~ Watch video

Jody FTV

Jody ~ Watch video

Most popular FTV girls ♥

Sabina Paisley FTV

Sabina & Paisley ~ Watch video

Jayde FTV

Jayde ~ Watch video

Isabel FTV

Isabel ~ Watch video

Tyler FTV

Tyler ~ Watch video

Athena FTVgirls

Athena ~ View profile

Paige FTVgirls

Paige ~ View profile

Valentina FTV GIRLS

Valentina ~ View profile

Sabina ftv

Sabina ~ View profile

Paisley ftv

Paisley ~ View profile

Jade FTV Girls

Jade ~ View profile

Natalie ftv

Natalie ~ View profile

Charlotte from FTV Girls

Charlotte ~ View profile

Paisley ftv

Lana ~ View profile

Somara from FTV Girls

Somara ~ View profile


Kenna FTV

Most popular FTVx girls ♥

Kenna FTVx

KennaWatch video

Ellie FTVx

EllieWatch video

Whitney FTV girls

WhitneyWatch video

Nina FTV

NinaWatch video

Bethany FTVx

BethanyWatch video

Sophia FTVX

Sophia ► Watch video


FTV GIRLS Videos (16th anniversary)

FTV Girls is a great adult site featuring a lot of erotic videos and joyful female beauty. The site started in 2002 and it has become one of the best erotic sites on the net. Rob pushed the best content/quality for 16 years now.
FTV girls videos is wellknown in the world of erotica and delivers the latest nude galleries of the most gorgeous young girls! Fully nude women posing for you!

FTVGirls nude pictures with beautiful naked girls

Roxanna ftv pee

First times experiences, beautiful girls, real orgasms, public nudity… Meet FTVx girls!

FTV Girls videos was inspired after years of research and design as to ‘what makes a great site’. Tired of poor photography and quality images, fake airbrushed images, boring poses? So this site was developed to push quality to the max and produce content that meets our demanding criteria.
FTV Girls is composed of a team of professionals who are very dedicated to their work, and emphasize quality.
Founders/Creators of FTV Girls – Robert & MelissaRob is a great photographer… Many other sites photographer keep zooming in and out like rabbit and spoils erotic part of videos.
Inspired to create a site that combines some of the best elements of top adult sites in a new and unique way, Rob is the driving force behind the whole site. Melissa, his wife and FTV Girl, keeps a ‘woman’s touch’ to the whole layout and theme of the site.

Winter from FTV Girls

Videographer for FTV Girls Videos

Rob is a professional videographer with lots of experience, but has taken 2000’s amateur adult videos, he knows what people want to see. Sometimes the softcore photographer will conflict with Leution’s hardcore ideas, but this way you see the ‘Glamour’ and ‘Hardcore’ side of FTVx in every nude model. Now with his new digital macro lens, his closeups are “very close”. But as with the rest of the team, he keeps professional with the models, in a ‘hands-off’ format. He shoots some crazy stuff and members love it…

Professional Photographer for FTV Girls

Originally a fashion & commercial photographer for top magazines, his glamour photography and hot videos add a professional touch to all images for FTV site, and draws in models from all over the world to shoot for him, some now for FTV. He is extremely serious about his photography, and will go the length to get the best images of a model in short time constraints, good weather or bad. He works with a Nikon D810. Hooman (Rob Simyar) is a great asset to the site.

Professional Web Designer for FTVGIRLS

It seems that Vesuvius is never satisfied with the look of his site, and keeps improving on it almost monthly. But each time the site looks better, and we dont mind. According to him, his best creations come out of his ‘dreams’, such as the FTV Girls mainpage, and the ‘magazine style’ look for the models’ homepages. Beyond aesthetics, he achieves very user-friendly navigation both on free and members’ sections. With all this, the site is still kept simple and free of ‘flash’ and other bells and whistles that no one appreciates in the long run, call it ‘ergonomics’.

You’ll never see new FTV girls anywhere else!

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