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Francy Hegre

Francy is the new italian model on Hegre

Francy is a very beautiful girl. Love the long legs and sweet snatch. Her attitude and personality is fabulous. She is one of Hegre’s best girls.

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Francy Hegre Toscan Nudes

47 Toscan nude pics by Petter Hegre

A tall girl with really long legs

The naturally blonde girl always gets a lot of attention, and does not need to seek it in adult. That, and also for some reason, blondes seem to be getting more big tattoos than brunettes. So someone like Francy is a rare one, with no tattoos and naturally cute. Petter, thanks for posting this wonderful update. Francy is the perfect sexy nude model. its truly a heavenly experience, as is watching this wonderful Hegre update!

Francy Hegre Lounging

Francy Lounging: 31 nude pics | 100Megapixel

Francy Hegre

Francy Hegre

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Francy Hegre

Francy – Italian Summer – 52 nude pics shot by Petter Hegre

Francy Hegre


Francy Hegre in Toscana

What a find this girl is. Everything we love in girl, young beautiful face, tall and full natural breasts

Francy is, hands down, one of the best models you’ve had on here. If not the best. I am so in love with her! She’s beautiful and cute, hella sexy, and squirts like no woman I’ve seen before. Her whole body reacts to it. So adorable. Please, please, please bring her back. And kudos to you, Petter, for getting her here.” Georges A.

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