Stella & Charlotte FTV Girls

Stella: Age: 19 ~ Height: 5’4″
Charlotte: Age: 19 ~ Height: 5’3″

Stella Charlotte ftv

I was just wondering this week when FTV’s next G/G shoot would be. We all got lucky!

  • The chemistry: perfect interaction for a great girl girl.
  • Doing it in public: good looking teens flashing it together.
  • Intimate oral play: naked in the bedroom to explore each other.
  • Tuning 19 on ftv: Stella is a birthday girl so lets do a photoshoot.
  • From heels to bikinis: more modeling together to dildo play & posing poolside.

The pussy licking scenes are the best

It’s always disappointing to see G/G with no licking, it’s like the girls don’t like playing with girls or don’t like each other. You absolutely don’t get that feeling here. And Charlotte’s got SKILLZ…

Charlotte Stella FTV

Risky public nudity & Intimate session with Charlotte & Stella

Stella & Charlotte should be invited back!

Girl/girl would be awesome if they are comfortable with that, or separate solo action as alternate. They are both very sweet, beautiful and unspoiled which is what members are looking for, rather than “wanna be pornstars” using FTVGirls as a spring board. Watch More hot nude girls: Melody, Nia, Athena

Stella Charlotte ftv

It’s really good to see these FTV girls back!

Charlotte Stella FTV girls

Stella needs to pee again…