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Alisa Hegre

Alisa is a new goddess on Hegre

It’s easy to understand why Petter Hegre wrote “it was a total pleasure to shoot her”. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch her and see her facial expressions during the shoot. She comes out like a very nice person. Thank you and an extra thanks to Alisa. You might also like: Jolie, Anaya, Lidia, Ariel

Alisa Hegre

Good personality and very nice tits.

We are honest about this: best girl we have ever seen on Hegre… or at least in the top three alongside Ariel… We love everything about her… Incredible personality, curvy body, natural breasts… Those are wonderful breasts they need to be worshipped in many ways. We can’t get enough of her… wow. Alisa is perfect! In our opinion, the best in quite a while. Fell in love/lust in seconds.

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